nbaballa4life's basketball cards

nbaballa4life's basketball cards
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Hey everybody! My name is Chris and I live in Indiana, USA. I love collecting basketball cards. I collect Charlie Villanueva (05-06 Raptors rookie, 06-07 Bucks player as of 6/30/06), as well as other things, so check below! PLMK if you have any of his cards or other things I need (base, inserts, rcs, etc.)!!! Also while you're visiting, please check out my games. I have put them in my NavBar under "Games". If you'd like a different game, I will put it on here if its available. Thanks for viewing and enjoy my site! Thanks!

My favorite player- Charlie "CV31" Villanueva

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Charlie's 06-07 Stats

AIM: kgcharliev

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